Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are joyous occasions that bring people together. Anyone who has planned a holiday event knows that these fun and memorable parties often come with a fair amount of work that happens behind the scenes. You can lessen your workload by starting your holiday party planning early and save yourself the stress of waiting until the last minute. Here’s how to simplify your holiday party planning:

Assemble a Team

Holiday party planning, if left too late, can take over your life. Whether planning a family or a work event, asking for some help will lighten your load and make the process more fun! Delegate, delegate, delegate! Consider people’s strengths when assigning tasks. Someone who is artistic or creative may be a perfect fit to determine a theme and execute that theme with unique decorations. You may want to put the budget in the hands of someone who is detail-oriented and good with numbers, and someone who is highly organized would be the perfect person to handle invitations and RSVPs. By planning in advance, you can give your team the chance to work on their own schedules instead of scrambling at the last minute. 

Research and Book a Venue First

Early holiday party planning is crucial to securing the right venue for your event. The weeks leading into Thanksgiving and Christmas see a lot of would-be planners frantically searching to find their ideal venue, only to find out it’s already been booked. 

Of course, the luxury of booking early is that you’ll have time to thoroughly research your venue.  Another advantage of booking your venue first is that you can settle on other event components like the food and drink menu, accommodations, decorations, and more! Waiting until the last-minute means that your venue may not be equipped to deliver on the themes or other ideas you had while planning.

With the convenience of five-star accommodations for out-of-town guests, the Glenerin Inn and Spa is well equipped to host large festive meals in our dining halls, or light meals and cocktails in our lounge. You could also take advantage of our spa for a less conventional, smaller holiday party with friends and family.

Team Up with Your Venue

Here’s where things start to come together. Once you have secured your venue, you can start to work with the venue’s staff on all the details. They’re the people who can work with you to make your party theme come to life. They’ll tell you what’s possible and what isn’t, and help you ensure that your event remains within budget.

Booking with the Glenerin Inn staff means that you will add experienced event coordinators to your planning team. The knowledge of the team at the Glenerin Inn and Spa will help you make the most of a beautiful venue and take more of the stress out of the party planning process.

Consider Your Guests Needs

If you are serving food at your event, make sure you consider dietary restrictions and special needs! Requesting these details at the time you invite guests will put everyone at ease and gives your venue plenty of time to make the event a hit! The staff at the Glenerin Inn are able to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including wheelchair accessibility and pet-friendly accommodations. Our chefs are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and raw diets, as well as provide Halal and Kosher options. 

Start Today

When it comes to any large event it’s never too early to start planning. Contact our staff at the Glenerin Inn and Spa today and let us help make your holiday party a success!.