Afternoon tea, also known as high tea, originated in Britain in the mid 19th century. Typically, dinner was served later in the evening, so people would become hungry mid to late afternoon. Afternoon tea, which includes tea and light snacks, was introduced as a way to sustain people’s appetites until dinner time. 

It didn’t take long for afternoon tea to become much more than a quick meal. It soon became an important social ritual that many households participated in. High tea allowed for a time each day to pause, relax and share conversation with others. Afternoon tea snacks would consist of items like small sandwiches, biscuits or cake and were sometimes served with lemonade and iced tea.

Dress the Part

Historically, those participating in afternoon tea would dress up for the occasion, especially if visiting friends and neighbours for tea. This social event gave people an opportunity to freshen up from the day’s activities and look their best. If you are attending a high tea, have some fun by dressing up (you certainly can’t go wrong with a fancy hat).

Include Afternoon Tea in Your Next Event!

Afternoon tea is a wonderful, historic tradition worth continuing, so why not incorporate high tea into your next event? If you’re planning a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday or Mother’s Day celebration, you can really differentiate your event and capitalize on the well-loved traditions of an afternoon tea.

There are benefits to hosting a tea-themed event, too. First of all, afternoon tea is elegant! From fine china tea sets to tiered trays, there’s a beauty in the simplicity of a high tea. 

Speaking of simplicity, the light-fare is a simple and cost-effective alternative to offering guests a full-course meal. Today, as more and more people are following light, healthy diets traditional finger sandwiches, fruits and desserts are a perfect alternative to a heavy lunch or dinner. The food served at an afternoon tea works well for those who are vegetarian, have food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Just ensure that you have gluten-free options on hand.

Another benefit of choosing afternoon tea for your event is that you’ll have more time to socialize with your guests. Tea is especially ideal for an event like a baby shower or bridal shower where you’ll want to have an opportunity to chat with family you haven’t seen for ages, and meet soon-to-be or new family members. Afternoon tea is designed to be a relaxing atmosphere where conversation takes center stage.

High Tea at Glenerin Inn

At Glenerin Inn, we host a fun, “Timeless Afternoon Tea” event. Our high tea is available Monday through Thursday between 2:00pm and 4:30pm. The menu consists of a variety of fine teas to choose from and a wide sandwich selection, as well as freshly baked warm scones, fresh seasonal berries, Devonshire cream and preserves, and delicate pastries for just $28.95 per person. 

Contact us to make your reservation and come enjoy our afternoon tea. While you’re visiting us for tea, consider spending some time on our beautiful property by staying the night or re-centering yourself with a soulful spa treatment.