Tradition, family, seasonal atmosphere, and indulgent food—is there more could you ask for over the holidays? Our Christmas event in Mississauga has all this and more. We celebrate the holiday season all through December in our gorgeous dining halls and private rooms. We’d love to have you and your loved ones join us for a divine holiday feast! Here are our top reasons you should drop by for our holiday celebration:

Make Your Holidays Relaxing

You plan, decorate, shop, cook, and clean for the holidays. It adds up to hours of work, and it can be stressful too. On Christmas Day, most people balance cooking the turkey alongside other traditional dishes, while entertaining too. But you don’t have to.

If you feel like you spend more time running around during the holidays than enjoying the company of your family and relaxing, it’s time to spend your holidays at Glenerin Inn. There’s no hassle and no stress. While we take care of everything you get to rest and bond with your family. It’s time to finally feel refreshed after, especially all the holiday anticipation.

Good Food Makes Everyone Happy

At the Glenerin Inn, we have everyone’s favourite holiday dishes. That means you don’t have to worry about allergies, dietary restrictions, or picky children. Instead of worrying, spend your time indulging in our delicious meals and sweet treats.

Our Christmas Day Buffet is our biggest and main Christmas event in Mississauga. It features roast Ontario turkey and dressing, roasted rib eye, and maple glazed baked ham. There’s also a selection of fresh fish dishes, vegetarian pasta and winter root dishes, along with chicken curry, lasagna, and so much more!

We serve appetizers and desserts to delight you as well. For sweet treats, a traditional Yuletide log is served. Or choose Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. If you’re looking for something new this year, try our French pastries or a selection from our International cheese boards. Better yet, try them all– it is a buffet after all.

Atmosphere is Everything

Some family get-togethers are so large, even big homes feel like cramped quarters. Don’t worry about finding extra tables, chairs, and moving your furniture around. We have room for everyone including our lovely Christmas tree in any of our beautiful event rooms.

Our rustic stone walls and elegant chandeliers fit right in with the season’s most beautiful décor, to put you into the Christmas spirit. Expect a dazzling display!

Have Friend-filled Holiday

Don’t neglect to meet up with the family you’ve chosen for the holidays. We know it can be hard, amid all the other events, to find time for your oldest and dearest of friends. A simple brunch or lunch gathering at Glenerin Inn is the perfect way to reconnect with them.

The same goes for out of town guests. It’s simple to book yourself in at one of our Christmas brunch or lunch events to make their visit a wonderful moment. Our Christmas event in Mississauga is a family favourite, so be sure to reserve your table as soon as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Contact us today!

Call (905)-828-6103 to book your reservations!