Celebrating Valentine’s Day is easy… for a rare few. They know just where to bring their partner and what activities will best rekindle their romance. For the rest of us, the expectations of Valentine’s Day can be stressful. Where should you go? Should you keep it a surprise? Are roses too cliché?

You might find yourself asking a deeper question: what makes something romantic, and how do I plan the perfect romantic event? Don’t worry, we have the answers nestled in between Mississauga’s Sawmill Valley.

Comfort and Luxury

A romantic retreat should feel deeply comfortable. More than that it has to feel luxurious, a step beyond your everyday comforts. You can find that comfort and luxury in Glenerin Inn’s gorgeous suites between the stone fireplaces, soft king beds, and deep bathtubs.

In today’s fast-moving world, many of us neglect to relax and destress. This can cause a lot of tension built up over time. That’s why we recommend pairing your Valentine’s Day retreat with our Couples Spa Package. This romantic package includes a deep 30-minute side-by-side massage, it will leave you and your loved one feeling content and connected.

Wine, champagne or your favourite spirit is the perfect way to relax too. If that’s more your and your partner’s style, our Wine Lover’s Package is a magnificent choice. You’ll receive a bottle of premium wine along with other delights like a dinner for two and a hot breakfast.

A Change of Scenery

It’s important to get away for Valentine’s Day and break out of the monotony of everyday life. You couldn’t choose a more romantic setting than Glenerin Inn. Our historical Tudor mansion has all of the charms of the past, with modern amenities too.

What makes it so romantic? Our mansion has plenty of charm, nestled in peaceful Sawmill Valley woods. When you step through the door, you’ll be greeted with original stone walls and tall vaulted ceilings. Then again, it could be all of the little detail: the gorgeous art, the delicate chandeliers, and fine furniture. You won’t find anywhere more romantic for Valentine’s Day in Mississauga.

Delicious Hearty Food

Great food is key on Valentine’s Day, especially when it’s surrounded by the romance of a candlelit dinner. You can choose from a variety of chef-inspired delicious meal when you indulge your taste buds with one of our room package that includes a meal for two from our table d’hote menu.

Or just stroll in for our dinner menu. One of the most indulgent meals is the Osso Bucco, a meal that combines tender veal shanks and risotto. This meal is so decadent that even poetry has been written about it – a meal that’s perfectly passionate in every way!

Roses and Decadent Chocolate

Despite what some people may say about clichés, we believe roses and chocolate are long-loved symbols of romance. Their long tradition and cultural significance is a staple, they only show how much you are loved!

If you reserve one of our luxury suites for a Romantic Getaway Package, we can provide you and your loved one a bottle of champagne, chocolate truffles, flowers and fruit baskets. A lovely and delightful surprise for that special someone in your life.

Book Your Valentine’s Day Reservations

At the Glenerin Inn, we also have plenty of other packages that will take all of the stress out of choosing a Valentine’s Day that will take all of the stress out of choosing a romantic getaway. We cater to all your needs so you can dine, relax and thrill your partner. Join us on February 14th, 2018 for our special Valentine’s Day Dinner.


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