The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and it’s the perfect time of year for your dream wedding. Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor celebration, these fall-focused ideas will ensure your wedding day is fabulous and comfortable. Here are five essentials for your autumn nuptials:

  1. Beautiful Bouquets

Floral arrangements play a crucial role in your wedding day. Whether you choose to go with a classic arrangement, like the hand tied bouquet, or you prefer a dramatic cascading bouquet, stick to a vibrant colour pallet.

  1. Dress for The Weather

The temperature is a huge factor when planning a wedding in the fall, and one element of your wedding that you can’t control. Ensure that you and your bridesmaids are equipped to handle the chilliness this season often brings. Cover ups for yourself and your bridesmaids are a must. A wrap to throw over the shoulders or a sleeved cardigan that pairs with the dress are both options. If you aren’t a fan of cardigans, a simple, long-sleeved dress is also an option.

Tip: If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony ask the venue if they have outdoor tower heaters. This simple detail will make all the difference if there’s a sudden cold snap on your big day.

  1. Creative Centerpieces

Bold, elegant, or modest; when it comes to centerpieces there are so many different options, so get creative and choose a design that matches your personality. Consider bringing in traditional autumn pieces like spiced pine cones, pumpkins, or fall foliage. Whether you choose a beautiful and simple design like a set of candles surrounded by a small flower arrangement, or a large, eye-catching vase with flowers, have fun and express yourself!

  1. Accent Pieces

Weddings usually have a theme that is expressed with certain accent pieces. Card holders, a board with the bride and groom’s name, even guest gifts can be tied together by the theme. A trendy theme that works well for fall weddings is to use wood accents. Having names placed on small little wood dishes, wood accents in the centerpiece, and hors d’oeuvres served on a wooden slab are a few ways you can work this fall theme throughout your accent pieces.

  1. Choose a Magical Location

Location is critical, which is why choosing the venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. You want to have the perfect location for your special day – one that’s large enough to accommodate all your guests, menus that you’re excited to taste, a sound system to support your DJ or band’s needs, and the perfect lighting. 

Fall Weddings at The Glenerin Inn

At The Glenerin Inn, our staff believes that the location you choose for your wedding should be special; close to heart and somewhere you love to be. Our unique historical venue offers indoor and outdoor beauty for brides and grooms. Fall colours are at their best here in Mississauga’s Sawmill Valley, where you feel as if you’re nestled in the country, even though you’re still in the GTA (which is extremely convenient for your wedding party and guests).

Our Inn has enough beautiful rooms to ensure you and your guests can check in before the wedding. Enjoy the opportunity to leisurely get ready in our luxurious accommodations, and then safely retire after the party is over. Our spa also offers personalized wedding event coordination, so that you and your bridal party can relieve some stress while you get ready for your special day.

Book Your Wedding Venue in Mississauga

The Glenerin Inn and Spa offers a large variety of amenities and services for brides and grooms. With multiple wedding packages, we have everything you need to make your fall wedding magical.

Contact us for more details on our wedding venue, menus and accommodations in Mississauga. Give us a call at (905) 828-6103 to book a tour of our wedding venue today!