December is here, which means holiday party season is upon us. It can be a challenge to come up with holiday party theme ideas that suit your business and company culture. Whether you’re planning an office function for a staff of one hundred, or a small, intimate gathering for your 20 closest friends, there’s no doubt you’ll want your event to exude warmth, joy and togetherness, while also leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Today, as social responsibility increasingly shapes the way businesses and individuals are behaving, the holidays are the perfect time to take meaningful steps together. But just because you’re putting a philanthropic spin on your annual festivities doesn’t mean the party has to be dull.

Here are five wonderful ways to put the fun in your holiday fundraising efforts.

  1. Throw an ugly sweater party – Nothing spells merriment like a room full of your colleagues strutting their stuff in reindeer-adorned sweater vests. To make it a charitable occasion, each participant who marches the makeshift runway sporting their tackiest festive jumper will have a chance to win the prize: a donation to the registered charity of his or her choice.
  2. Exchange “gifts of goodwill” – Everyone loves a good, spirited gift exchange in which participants get to select a wrapped present from under the tree. This year, why not swap out those LCBO gift cards for items that give back in more meaningful ways? Whether it’s Fair Trade organic coffee beans, a cozy throw that raises money for a homeless shelter, or a set of environmentally friendly drinking straws, everyone wins at this game, while also learning something valuable.
  3. Host a “carols for cash” karaoke sing-off – If you and your cohorts like to sing, why not introduce a friendly karaoke competition in which each opposing staff member gets to belt out their holiday favourite for a chance to win a cash prize—half of which will be donated to a charity of the host’s choice.
  4. Build a canned goods “Tree of Hope” – In lieu of gifts, invite each guest to bring in a can of food to add to the “Tree of Hope,” then watch it grow as the party progresses. At the end of the event, dismantle your towering tree of donations and deliver the goods to your local food drive.
  5. Share the gift of warmth – Encourage your guests to bring in their old winter coats and clothing to be donated to individuals in need. At Glenerin Inn, guests will find a donation box conveniently located in the lobby for an organization called Warm Winter Wishes.

We also proudly donate a portion of our Sunday family dinner proceeds to Eden Food for Change. To find out more about our seasonal offerings, including our Boxing Day and New Year’s brunch packages, click here.

Wishing you a warm, joyous and fun-filled holiday season,
-The Glenerin staff