Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to time to get creative with your favourite spooky ideas for a fun Halloween bash. At Glenerin Inn we have the tricks (and treats) for you to make your Halloween event the best one of the year.

Try Amazing Appetizers

Candy is the go-to at Halloween, but you can take it up a notch with ghoulish appetizers. Try making rice crispy cyclops or add a unique twist to deviled eggs.  

At Glenerin Inn, we offer a charcuterie board that is to die for. This fan favourite is a must amongst our Halloween guests. Whatever you’re after, our chefs are ready to make your Halloween party one to remember with a customized, theme menu that will get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Our amazing event planner will help with all your organizing needs to make your Halloween party perfectly memorable.

Experiment with Lighting

Lighting is important, it sets the overall mood and atmosphere of your event. When picking out the perfect Halloween lighting you want it to be elegant, but that also gives your guests a haunted feel. Having the lights dimmed is the perfect way to set the tone. Try adding a few red bulbs to make your party lighting extra eerie.

Create the Right Atmosphere & Set the Mood

Whether your event is for kids or adults, the right Halloween decorations are crucial. One trend we’ve seen this year is incorporating a Halloween-themed Christmas Tree. Decorate the tree in orange, black and white and use tastefully themed ornaments like pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts and even fake limbs! A fog machine and black lights are guaranteed to send shivers up your spine and encourage people to get on the dance floor.

Combine these decorations with Glenerin Inn’s historical hallways and enchanting antique chandeliers to create the perfect backdrop for your Halloween event.

Festive Table  Décor

We recommend keeping your table décor simple, but that doesn’t mean you should make it any less a priority. An elegant and very suitable idea is to use mini pumpkins artistically jack-o-lanterns decorated with silver or gold. Having one lit and in the middle of your table is the perfect talking point for guests. Consider adding autumn-themed bits of nature for a seasonal feel.

A Haunting Venue

Ultimately, the location is what brings your event together. You want to choose a venue that is undeniably filled with some scary history to give your party a spooky feeling that will make your guests believe they’ve stepped into a haunted house.

Did you know that Glenerin Inn is a known hot spot for ghost sightings in Mississauga? There have been many sightings of real ghosts on location. Most commonly, guests witness a man tending to the fireplace in the great hall. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see him yourself this Halloween! Ask our staff about our venue’s historical past. We’d love to share our stories and teach you more about Glenerin Inn’s history.

Book a Venue For Your Halloween Party

So, what are you waiting for? The Glenerin Inn and Spa offers a large variety of accommodations for all your guests. With multiple decorative ideas and event coordinators, we’ll make your Halloween event standout for years to come.

Contact us for more details on our venue, menus, and accommodations in Mississauga. Give us a call at (905) 828-6103 to book a tour today!