The business world is rapidly changing thanks to advancements in digital technology. While most would argue that the changes have been for the better, one notable drawback is the decline in human contact. Why connect in person when you can communicate through a computer?

Well, the reigning opinion among productivity experts is that in-person meetings bring tremendous value to businesses of all sizes. Sure, Skype, Zoom Videoconferencing, and other telecommunications systems offer an easy, effective alternative, but nothing else delivers the proven benefits of meeting face to face. Aside from strengthening relationships and creating a sense of comradery among team members, in-person meetings are known to spur creativity, provide clarity, and set a framework around important goals and tasks. The key is to ensure your corporate event is well organized and worth everyone’s effort to get there.

Planning your next corporate event? Here are 3 tips to help get you started:

  1. Outline your objectives – Off-site meetings are a great opportunity to problem-solve and tackle numerous issues at once, but don’t let multiple objectives get in the way of the main purpose you’ve drawn the team together. Whether it’s to launch a new product, brainstorm new ideas, or present your company’s new branding strategy, the key is to stay on track. Have your objectives clearly outlined before you develop your itinerary. Keeping a tight focus and sticking to a timeline will ensure that no one’s valuable time is wasted—and most importantly, your guests will arrive knowing what to expect.
  2. Choose a format – How many people will be attending? Will there be back-to-back presentations, or will the bulk of the meeting be an open-forum discussion? For longer meetings, what meals will be served, and will there be a scheduled break? Having a set format will enable organizers to think ahead to what’s needed—from venue style and location, to technology requirements and refreshments. It will also help dictate the “feel” of the meeting, whether it will be casual and dynamic, or an elegant, formal affair.
  3. Select an appealing location – Once your objectives and meeting format are determined, it’s time to find a venue that matches your overall vision. Choosing the right location is what some event planners believe is the key to a creating a successful corporate event. Factors implicating your choice include: cost, convenience, ambiance, logistics and availability. Is the venue equipped with everything you need? Will the setting be a draw or a deterrent? If people are travelling in from out of town, are there accommodations on-site or close by? The location will set the tone for everything to come, so be sure to choose one that aptly fulfills you needs.

Corporate meetings at Glenerin Inn & Spa

Conveniently located less than 30 minutes from downtown Toronto and close to Pearson International Airport, our conference rooms can comfortably accommodate groups of 10 to 150 guests. We offer four intimate spaces suitable for meetings, private dinners, and cocktail receptions for those looking for a meeting space in a serene, natural atmosphere.

All of our spaces offer natural light, complimentary wireless internet, and all rooms open up onto outdoor patio space. Equipped with 30 rooms and suites, the property backs on to the Sawmill Valley Trail – a 2.5 km trail through a lovely wooded area.

Our Signature Spa Meeting Packages will inspire and uplift your next meeting or event. Our boutique spa provides a unique collection of wellness and spa therapies based on the healing cultural arts from around the world. Choose from one of our packages, or create your own. Our Spa Concierge will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is perfect.

After the event, join us for a craft beer, a glass of wine and some casual conversation at The Watson Lounge, or incorporate some of our other offerings like afternoon tea, complete with scones, finger sandwiches to go along with our selection of fine teas.

Find out more about our meeting packages here.