As part of Ontario’s Finest Inn-credible Dining month, the Glenerin Inn is hosting a prix fixe menu at a special price! Our elegant dining halls will be full of the smell of unique, creative dishes from our chefs. It’s the perfect time to bring your special someone to enjoy our historic location, romantic ambiance and unbelievable food, for only $50 per person.

What is a Prix Fixe Menu?

Prix fixe is French for “fixed price.” Gourmet restaurants offer fixed price menus with selected foods to give chefs the chance to create truly unique dishes. For these meals they only have to create a few dishes, instead of an entire menu, so they have more time to let their culinary juices marinate, which allows them to come up with something truly spectacular.

If you choose a prix fixe dining experience, be prepared to sample the chef’s skill. Prix fixe menus allow them to experiment with themes, new ingredients, and try new wine pairings.

Our Latest Prix Fixe Menu

At the Glenerin Inn, our chefs have come up with something splendid for our three-course prix fixe menu. We’ll be starting with a spring mix salad with feta, cherry tomatoes and basil balsamic drizzle, paired with a white Zinfandel. Or, you can choose the chef’s choice of evening soup.

There will be three options for your entrée. The first is the always juicy, slow roasted beef tenderloin, served with crispy fingerling potatoes and honey, brown butter roasted carrots. This savoury and sweet meal will be paired with a cabernet sauvignon.

If you’re aching to start eating summer-themed meals, our black wild cod might be the right option for you. This fresh fish is topped with lemon chive butter and served with saffron rice and garlic Parmesan sugar snap peas. It’s a fresh, early summer garden on a plate, paired with a glass of riesling/torrontes.

The third option is a perfect spring meal that is sure to warm you up. A pan seared chicken supreme is served with light cumin citrus roasted potatoes and rosemary goat cheese mashed with butternut squash, all in white wine jus. This tangy but down-to-earth meal is paired with chardonnay from Seven Peaks.

The third and final course of this delicious meal is a choice of dessert, both served with two ounces of a sweet select late harvest Vidal from Henry of Pelham. The traditional option is a crème brulée with berry compote. If you like your dessert a little wilder, the chocolate hazelnut Torte, paired with Grand Marnier-marinated berries is sure to be a nutty and fruity delight.

Join Us at the Glenerin Inn

Our prix fixe menu gives you the perfect opportunity to join us for a lower price and find out if the Glenerin Inn offers the ambiance, delicious food and perfect wine pairings that you’re looking for in your dining experience. It is only $50 per person for all three courses, and $25 to add the wine pairing in 6 oz servings. Contact us to make your reservation today.