Glenerin Inn’s Mystics Night in Mississauga is back by popular demand! This April on Friday the 13th, visit our historic stone mansion to spend an evening with mystics and mediums. Enjoy a two-hour group reading from the talented Marilyn Mazzotta, including a ten-minute one-on-one reading from other gifted guest mediums.

The atmosphere is always buzzing with anticipation as our guests arrive. Enjoy the company of other curiosity seekers as you snack on hors d’oeuvres, sample our light buffet, and sip a complimentary drink. More drinks will be available at the cash bar. Then the magic will begin!

Friday The 13th: Meaning & Significance

You may be wondering, why choose an ominous date for our 5th Annual Mystics Night? Although some may consider it a day of bad luck, others see it as the complete opposite. In his book, Holiday Folklore, Phobias, and Fun, Donald Dossey investigates this special day and finds that two separate traditions exist and may have been combined: one that considers Friday an unlucky day and one that considers 13 an unlucky number.

There are many unfortunate events surrounding the 13th guest found in different religions, stories, and mythologies. The most well-known example is the Last Supper, where Jesus was betrayed by the 13th person to sit at the dinner table, a large factor in the belief behind the number 13. In Norse mythology, Loki, having previously arranged the death of Balder the Beautiful, was the uninvited 13th guest at a Valhalla feast. Furthermore, since the Middle Ages, Friday has been considered an unlucky day, even Geoffrey Chaucer (the poet behind The Canterbury Tales) stated it was a bad day to travel.

However, the number 13 doesn’t have any ominous associations in numerology, yet many people still fear it so much that various buildings don’t display the number in elevators or floors. Psychics Universe tells us that Friday is actually associated with Venus, the planet of friendship and love. And in today’s society, Friday is the end of the work week and a day for celebration.

Friday the 13th is ultimately a day to indulge in superstition, to be open to spiritual experiences, and to remind ourselves that there are some things you just can’t explain. It’s this association that makes Friday the 13th the perfect evening for Glenerin Inn’s Mystics Night in Mississauga!

Our Mediums & Mystics

Marilyn Mazzotta is a world-renowned medium. She is a Reverend with the Spiritualist Church of Canada, a certified astrologer, lecturer, spiritual healer, and much more. Every year her two-hour presentation is full of surprises and emotion. Many of our guests have found healing, peace, and other benefits from Marilyn’s work.

We’re also thrilled to welcome back other psychic readers from years past, including Marishka Glynne, Hedi Nowak, Hanah, and Pamela Jeyasingham. When you participate in our Mystics Night, you also get a scheduled one-on-one psychic card reading between 6pm-8pm with one of our guest mediums. Then, Marilyn will take centre stage from 8pm-10pm.

Purchase Your Tickets for Psychic Readings in Mississauga

If you’ll be arriving after 6 pm, please let us know in advance when purchasing your ticket and we will do our best to accommodate you. Each ticket is $90 (tax included). Reserve your spots beforehand—our Mystics Night fills up quickly! We look forward to another exciting and magical night in Mississauga.


Call (905)-828-0814 to make your reservations.