Looking for a Robbie Burns Event that’s worthy of the great Bard himself? Glenerin Inn is hosting a dinner in honour of Robbie Burns Day, which is a widely known celebration that takes place on January 25th of every year.

We will be holding a special dinner in Robbie Burns’ honour on Friday, January 25, 2019. Join us as we begin the celebrations at 6:30pm starting with hors d’oeuvres as a pre-dinner start. While serving hors d’oeuvres we will have on display traditional programming (which will, of course, include the Auld Lang Song) and bagpipes, scotch nosing, a toast, and beautiful poetry readings.

Our chefs have been hard at work planning a very special menu that highlights the best of Scotland and is worthy of celebrating this amazing gentleman. Dinner will commence at 7:30pm and we’ll have a traditional Scottish meal that everyone will love. Whether you are Scottish and looking for a taste of the old country, or are interested in trying traditional Scottish fare for the first time, we would love for you to enjoy a traditional evening with us at Glenerin Inn in celebration of Robbie Burns.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with who Robbie Burns was, please allow us to enlighten you and share why this day is so important to Scotland and those of Scottish descent.

Robbie Burns was a Scottish poet and songwriter from the pre-romantic era. In fact, he’s widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and is often believed to be the pioneer of the Romantic movement, a significantly important period in British literature.

Born on January 25th, 1759 in Scotland, Robbie Burns was known for his rebellious nature. Not only did he insist on writing in the Scottish dialect, he was also outspoken in his rebellion against religious and political rulers, which caused a number of significant consequences in his personal life for himself and those he loved.

Although he had political leanings, Burns’ main focus was always on his creative and artistic spirit. He spent his days doing what he loved to do, which was to write. Burns became very well known for his poetic tributes to nature; for poetry that was emotionally charged; and that celebrated the individual.

Burns earned a reputation for his spontaneous and unique personality and at Glenerin Inn we’re excited to invite you to join us in celebrating this important historic poet and lyricist. What better place to raise a glass to the Bard and join in a Scottish ballad (or two) than at our historic Inn?

Come join us at Glenerin Inn for our perfectly planned event in honour of Robbie Burns and take in our tasteful Scottish meal, wonderful Scottish music, and more! We are very excited to share this beautiful evening with everyone who loves this day and the poet as much as we do. Join us for our fabulous Robbie Burns Event. Contact us today for more information or to make your reservation.