If you’re looking for a special treat for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect event for you. Join us for our Special Valentine’s Day Dinner in Mississauga. Forget casual dinners and dull food, at The Glenerin Inn we’ll elevate your entrées and add romance to your plans. Beneath the high Tudor ceilings and beside the flickering candlelight, let us treat you to a five-star executive chef meal your date will remember for Valentine’s Days to come.

Five-Course Finery

Start your meal with our Amuse—a fresh shrimp cocktail. If your date asks, tell them an amuse (or amuse-bouche) is a French variant on an appetizer. It’s not just meant to develop your appetite for the next meal, but also is intended to reveal the chef’s artistry. It’s like a small glimpse of the deliciousness the executive chef as planned for the evening.

Think that your knowledge of French cuisine is about to impress your date? Be warned that the next courses might steal the show. First, choose between comforting French onion soup and decadent seafood bisque. The French onion is served with flaky, Swiss cheese crostini while the seafood bisque focuses on butter poached lobster.

Fresh Delicious Salad

Our salad course is an exciting balance of sweet and savoury flavours, like the taste of love all over again. What could be more fitting for Valentine’s Day? If you choose the watermelon and arugula salad you’ll love the addition of fennel, adding a rich flavour and a touch of crunch. The feta cheese and honey balsamic drizzle offer a perfect balance of acidity.

Or, choose the mixed greens and poached pear salad. This isn’t your average raw pear. A poached pear is soft, light and very sweet. When covered with our grapefruit vinaigrette it is a splendid delight.

An Enchanting Entrée

Three exquisite entrée options await you on Valentine’s Day. No matter which you choose, you can expect chateau potatoes and butter roasted baby vegetables with every meal.

For seafood lovers, plan on the baked sea bass with the tang of chive butter sauce and hearty 7-grain rice. No matter your date’s tastes, they’ll love our pan seared chicken supreme, stuffed full of asparagus and mozzarella. Thyme and white wine jus elevate the dish’s flavours.

Our last entrée option is beef wellington, the English classic has become a modern Valentine’s Day favourite. Take this opportunity to indulge in this fine but satisfying dish.

Share Dessert with Your Sweetheart

A couple sharing the same sweet dish is a more than Valentine’s Day tradition. We won’t deny you this intimate treat! For dessert, revel in a shared a trio of raspberry crème brulée, chocolate mousse, and meringue with berries. Three different desserts that will sweeten up the perfect end to the night.

For more enjoyment, red and white wine flights will be available all night with three 5 oz. glasses. For only $89 per person (plus taxes & service charge) you can have all of this luxury under the historic Tudor-style mansion. Rekindle your romance surrounded by Glenerin Inn’s magical atmosphere. Contact us for your Valentine’s Day Dinner in Mississauga, before it’s too late.


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