Family bonding is important, and the tradition of Sunday dinners is one of the great ways to ensure your family is getting enough time together. Modern life can be busy, especially as the kids get older, and it’s harder to find the time to bring everyone together. Thankfully, The Glenerin Inn has a new menu dedicated to Sunday Family Dinners. It offers a hassle-free solution that gives your extended family a reason to join you at the dinner table.

Create New Family Memories

Sometimes the work of planning and preparing a meal makes us forget that dinner with the family is a joyous time. Especially when you’ve grown tired of cooking, or when your family has competing dietary needs – dinner begins to feel more like a chore.

Going out together is a simple solution. Then, you can actually focus on the quality time you’re spending with one another, instead of spending your time cooking in the kitchen. After breaking bread and enjoying a family feast, everyone is out the door with no mess and no dishes to clean up.

It’s easy to convince the family to join you at The Glenerin Inn, where simple family dinners take on the legacy and ambience of our historic mansion. Your Sunday night dinner can become a wonderful occasion again.

A Hearty & Healthy Menu

Taking the family out for dinner isn’t always the healthiest choice. And while a treat is fine every so often, you don’t want to make a tradition of heading out to get burgers and fries every week. Instead, choose to visit The Glenerin Inn where you can feel good about the food your kids are eating.

Start off with the evening’s homemade soup option or a mixed green salad with citrus vinaigrette. Our main course options are just as healthy: roasted prime rib with Yorkshire pudding or pan-seared salmon filet with a fruit salsa.

Besides nourishing your body, these fine meals will nourish your soul. They are carefully crafted by our chefs to have balanced, interesting flavours that stand above any fast food meal.

There’s no harm in a little treat, of course! For dessert, you can indulge in a properly portioned selection from our menu. If the mood strikes, you can always pair a glass of wine with your dinner. Choose from our extensive wine menu that features bottles from all over the world!

Make Sundays Special Again

For many people Sundays hold religious significance, but as new traditions develop it has become a special night where the whole family rests together – before the work week begins again. Don’t let Sunday family dinners disappear. Without it, we are missing out on some of the best quality time a family can share.

Sunday Dinners in Mississauga

The Glenerin Inn’s Sunday Family Dinner is the perfect way to restore your Sunday night tradition. Up to eight of your family members can enjoy our special family dinner menu, for $34.95 per person. Tax and gratuity are extra. Contact us to learn more about our family dinner nights in Mississauga.


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