When European settlers wanted to thank the Native Canadians for helping them through the winter, they knew the best way to show thanks was through a feast. We imagine the Europeans working for months, toiling the land, hunting and gathering in the forests, even fishing in rivers to find the best ingredients that fall offers.

At Glenerin Inn, our Thanksgiving tradition is to replicate that meal. We hope to give you the opportunity to say “thank you” to all of the people who help you through the winters of your life while sharing a seasonal bounty.

Whether you’d like to join us at our Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet or our Thanksgiving Harvest Dinner, you can taste everything this bountiful time of year has to offer, without opening the oven, peeling a potato, or washing a single dish. This year, give yourself the time you need to truly be present with family, instead of worrying about orchestrating a huge meal.

Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet at Glenerin Inn

Brunches are the perfect way to make time for friends or extended family members who can’t quite make it to your Thanksgiving dinner. We’re holding brunch on Sunday, October 7th from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Our Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet is an exquisite meal full of brunch staples and fall favourites. Our bakery, as always, will produce rolls, baguettes and sweetbreads. Alongside our bakery treats, we’ll serve autumn soups and fall salads, like the cranberry and apple Waldorf salad.

We’ll also offer carved Ontario turkey with stuffing, leg of lamb, and baked rainbow trout. Pair your choice of meat with our fall root vegetables and Parisian potatoes for a deeply filling meal.

Thanksgiving Harvest Dinner in Mississauga

No one’s home is big enough to host the big Thanksgiving meals we all dream of. Your dreams are our reality! Come to our Thanksgiving Harvest Dinner, where you can get everyone in the family together in one spot. We’re holding our dinner on two separate dates:

  • Sunday, October 7th from 5PM -8:30PM
  • Monday, October 8th from 5PM – 8:30PM

We’ll start with scrumptious and seasonal soups and salads. Butternut squash soup, wild mushroom bisque, and almond crusted Woolwich goat cheese salad are just some of the delicious options.

Of course, the entrees are the star of a Thanksgiving meal. We’re offering juicy roasted turkey with stuffing. Your choice of white or dark meat, and cranberry sauce or gravy. Or, choose a non-traditional option like our baked haddock or roast prime rib.

To finish off this divine meal, our chefs will provide a selection of fine desserts served alongside coffee or tea.

Book Your Thanksgiving Reservations

Remember, Thanksgiving is about being truly present with your family. Join us so that you don’t have to stress about the meal, décor, or moving your furniture around. Take the time to revel in the season, and the time to tell each person you care about why you’re thankful for their presence in your life. Reserve your table for either of our Thanksgiving meals today!