Looking for a great way to spend summer evenings in Mississauga? Take advantage of the warm weather by joining us on the Glenerin Inn patio. Our historic Inn backs onto a conservation area which means you can enjoy a refreshing, green retreat in the middle of the city.

On our patio, you can hear bird songs from the nearby woods, which is a unique experience in the heart of a bustling city like Mississauga! Or, visit our patio in the evenings where you can enjoy a pint or glass of wine while listening to our live music.

Enjoy Delicious Food on the Patio (or Lounge)

We’re known for our fabulous food, but this summer our chefs have really raised the bar. Our fresh take on grilled chicken breast is sure to please everyone. Topped with a citrus salad, this dish is the perfect taste for summer.

Another summer favourite is our grilled striploin steak. Served with a simple herb butter, you can order your steak cooked to your liking. Skewers are another traditional summer barbecue dish that our guests love. Try our lemon and aioli grilled shrimp and scallop skewers, or taste our Tandoori lamb kabobs which are grilled alongside fresh vegetables.

Fans of Ontario-fresh food will love our grilled pork chops which arrive straight from a nearby St. Jacob’s farm. Topped with a sweet peach brandy sauce, these pork chops are a delicious mix of sweet and savoury. Our beef burger is another local favourite, especially when complemented with Ontario back bacon and local, Ontario-sourced cheddar cheese.

Summer Meal Deals

This summer only, you can get the full Glenerin Inn dining experience for less. If you purchase two of our great entrees we will offer you a complimentary appetizer or dessert, which is a lovely way to start or end a wonderful evening.

Don’t Forget the Wine!

Our wine list is extensive to ensure a selection that is perfectly paired with each item of our menu. For example, we recommend our pinot grigio from Friuli Italy (called “Ca Bembo”) as an excellent pairing with our seafood.  

A cabernet merlot like our “Bricklayer’s Reward” from Colio Estates in Niagara is a great choice to accompany your steak, burger or other selection of red meat.

Special Events in The Greater Toronto Area

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 4PM to 6PM we invite you to join us for happy hour, which is a great excuse to meet co-workers or friends after work.  

Happy hour isn’t our only special event, though. Our patio is a lively place any night of the week, but especially on Thursday nights when our barbecue features delicious pork back ribs. We suggest pairing this filling main with a fresh side salad. Our salad bar offers four of our chef’s delightful summer salads, which means you don’t have to pick — you can try them all!

Book Your Mississauga Patio Reservations

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’ve booked a room or a treatment at the spa, we suggest completing your Glenerin Inn experience by reserving your table at Mississauga’s hottest summer patio and lounge.


Call (905) 828-6103 to book your reservations!