After the holiday season, things seem a little slower and duller. That’s why at The Glenerin Inn we’ve set out to add some excitement, which is why we’re joining up with a Winterlicious celebration of our own!

Our Winterlicious in Mississauga is a five-star food event designed to lift you out of your winter blues. Join us for a delicious 3-course lunch or dinner handcrafted by our in-house executive chefs until February 11th. Plus, we’ve made our Winterlicious celebration affordable at only $25 dollars (plus taxes) for lunch and only $40 dollars (plus taxes) for dinner! Here’s what you can expect:

Winterlicious Lunch Menu

Starters include an elevated form of the traditional Caesar salad, which features the familiar comfort with double smoked bacon and shaved grana padano. Grana Padano is a hard, semi-fat cheese that has a delicate flavour to balance our herb toasted croutons.

Or, are you looking to boost your spirits by trying something different? Our fish tacos, on soft tortillas with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette, packs a powerful flavour.

Two of our lunch entrées are crisp, fresh hints at the spring eating to come. The Cobb Salad has grilled chicken, crunchy bacon, eggs, tomato, and creamy avocado. All served on a bed of iceberg lettuce and covered in a vinaigrette dressing.

Another fresh lunch favourite is our Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. Topped with Boursin, a creamy, tart, spreadable cheese that hints at the summer grilling season soon to come. You can find the same cheesy delicacy with our other three cheese cannelloni.

The other lunch entrées are served hot, a welcome change from the blustering weather outside. Our fish and chips include a beer battered haddock, fresh cut fries, and smooth tartar sauce.

Finish your lunch with one of our three dessert options: a creamy bread pudding crème anglaise, a sweet crème brulée with fresh berries, or the chef’s feature dessert (A surprise! that’s sure to warm you up and satisfy your palate.)

Winterlicious Dinner Menu

Some restaurants choose to hide their calamari under a deep-fried batter. You haven’t tried real calamari! Our calamari comes naked — marinated and grilled, with baby greens, mango, red onions and balsamic vinaigrette. You’ll taste the burst of flavours. Other dinner starters include House Caesar Salad with double smoked bacon and shaved grana padano, and Asian chicken bites in honey lime and sriracha marinade.

Our Winterlicious dinner entrées come hot off the grill, ready to be served. The grilled New York Steak is a client favourite, with a unique horseradish peppercorn butter sauce, seasonal vegetables, and our oven-baked potato.

Our pan seared Kolapore Springs Trout is perfect for any seafood lover, served with the same complimentary sides. These farm trout are sustainably raised, locally here in Ontario. Our other option is just as fresh: pork chops straight from the St. Jacobs farm in Waterloo. These thick pork slices are impeccably paired with apple horseradish and red wine jus.

Finish it all off with a slice of our in-house desserts. A sweet ending to an exceptional meal!

Book Your Winterlicious Reservations

Don’t miss out on this season’s Winterlicious in Mississauga. Contact us at Glenerin Inn for our special lunch and dinner meals to brighten your winter and get a glimpse of the spring season ahead!


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